The workshop was held in Bikuben (Haukeland University Hospital), where 35 representatives from 21 different research groups in 9 countries participated. Updates on ongoing GEMRIC projects were discussed and 10 new analyses approved. While most of the focus was on the imaging and clinical data, blood biomarkers and plans for future funding were important parts of the agenda. The immediate action plan after the meeting includes:

  1. Providing recommendations for future data collection (imaging and clinical/neuropsychological assessments).
  2. Exploring funding options; COST, NRC, and more.
  3. Extending GEMRIC to include up to 2000 participants and perform research for 15 years in order to better understand the biological underpinnings of ECT and treatment response.
  4. Updating the common server with new software for hypothesis testing and statistical analyses, RedCap (clinical data) and a Wiki for information on projects, pipelines and analyses.