GEMRIC in brief

GEMRIC is a Global network and research collaboration for projects focused on determining the mechanisms of action of Electroconvulsive Therapy using Magnetic Resonance Imaging. GEMRIC has a board consisting of lead researchers from projects/studies that are participating in the collaboration. The GEMRIC board holds regular meetings to discuss projects and research in the network, and all board members can suggest projects and analysis to be performed. The goal is to increase the knowledge about the mechanisms of action of ECT by performing analysis of multi-site MRI-data and relevant meta-data (e.g. clinical parameters).

How to join GEMRIC

Do you have an ongoing project studying ECT by MRI? Or are you about to start a new study? Projects that are investigating the mechanisms of action of ECT can participate in GEMRIC and contribute with data to our common analysis platform. GEMRIC data will only be shared with the
collaborators in GEMRIC, and data will be stored on a secure server at the University of Bergen (UoB), Norway. Collaborators can upload, access and work with the data through a secure connection, provided by UoB. It is not allowed to download the raw data from the server.

All participating sites must have ethical approval for their projects and for data sharing.

New collaborators are welcome!

For more information, please contact:

GEMRIC current data collection

GEMRIC has collected multi-site data retrospectively from independent ECT-MRI investigations. These data include dicom images and clinical, demographic and neurocognitive measures. 

The REDCap version (template and data dictionary code book) is provided at request.

GEMRIC recommendations for prospective studies

GEMRIC has developed recommendations for data collections in prospective ECT-MRI investigations which can be found here:

GEMRIC proposal and progress report formats can be found here: