MMIV at Christiekonferansen

MMIV is proud about its active participation in this year’s Christiekonferansen on Monday, 29th of April, in the University Aula in Bergen:

  • In the “Forsking i front’ session from 11:30-12:00, Kristine Eldevik Fasmer talks about “Kan vi lære maskiner å finne kreft i MR-bilder?”. Kristine, who his a PhD student in the cancer imaging project, talks about her work on machine learning for cancer detection in MRI images.  In addition, Sergej Stoppel, researcher in visualization, presents his work “How I taught a robot to draw” in the same session.
  • The machine learning project has a stand in the exhibition area, also. Here, they showcase a live demo of human action recognition using deep learning, and display how deep neural networks can be used to process and produce useful predictions based on medical images.

We are looking forward to the conference and hope to see you there!

The Western Norway Regional Health Authority awards funds to MMIV-related research

We are extremely pleased to report that the Western Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Vest) has awarded additional funds to MMIV-related research activities. In the context of the ‘Precision Imaging in Gynecologic Cancer’ centre project, Ingfrid Haldorsen was awarded 4.3 million NOK over three years for her project proposal on ‘Artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted precision imaging in gynecologic cancer‘. In this project, the goals are to employ machine learning algorithms to identify novel imaging biomarkers in the context of molecular biomarkers, and thereby identify novel targets for treatment in gynecologic cancer; and to promote the integration of imaging biomarkers to enable better tailored treatment strategies in gynecologic cancer. Furthermore, Helse Vest will fund a 3 year full-time PhD position for Julie Dybvik, who will be working on research in this context.

In addition, we also congratulate Olga Ousdal with her research funding for a project entitled ‘Effects of ECT on Amygdala and Hyppocampal Subfield Volumes‘, which is associated to the ‘Advanced Neuroimaging’ centre project on electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

We are looking forward to more exciting research in these areas!

Norwegian Cancer Society grant to research discovery and follow-up of lung cancer using machine learning

We are happy to announce that Renate Grüner and Erlend Hodneland have been awarded a grant by the Norwegian Cancer Society to research discovery and follow-up of lung cancer using machine learning techniques. You can read more information about this project below (in Norwegian):

Oppdagelse og oppfølging av lungekreft med maskinlæring

We are looking forward to further pursuing exciting research in this area in the MMIV Centre!

The 2nd Bergen workshop of the Global ECT-MRI Collaboration – September 17-18, 2018

The 2nd Bergen workshop of the Global ECT-MRI Collaboration – September 17-18, 2018

The workshop was held in Bikuben (Haukeland University Hospital), where 35 representatives from 21 different research groups in 9 countries participated. Updates on ongoing GEMRIC projects were discussed and 10 new analyses approved. While most of the focus was on the imaging and clinical data, blood biomarkers and plans for future funding were important parts of the agenda. The immediate action plan after the meeting includes:

  1. Providing recommendations for future data collection (imaging and clinical/neuropsychological assessments).
  2. Exploring funding options; COST, NRC, and more.
  3. Extending GEMRIC to include up to 2000 participants and perform research for 15 years in order to better understand the biological underpinnings of ECT and treatment response.
  4. Updating the common server with new software for hypothesis testing and statistical analyses, RedCap (clinical data) and a Wiki for information on projects, pipelines and analyses.

The machine learning seminar series: A mini-conference on machine learning @ Department of Radiology

Welcome to the sixth installment of the joint MMIV/HVL/UiB machine learning seminar series, October 17th at Haukeland University Hospital. We’re organizing a mini-conference where some of the ongoing work of students associated with MMIV will be presented. See for more information. Welcome!

Progress in Radiology 2018

Progress in Radiology 2018

From tomorrow on, Progress in Radiology, the 12th Symposium of the Japanese Scandinavian Radiological Society (JSRS) & the 15th Nordic Japan PACS Symposium will start. Progress in Radiology 2018 is organised in collaboration with The Norwegian Radiological Society, Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen. This conference aims to promote the exchange of scientifically based radiological skills and to build professional networks between Scandinavian and Japanese radiologists. The organising committee endeavours to host “Progress in Radiology 2018” in a similar successful manner as JSRS’s previous symposiums in Japan in 2016 (with Prof. Yamada as President) and in Finland in 2014 (with Prof. Aronen as President) as well as the many preceding meetings. The symposium will, similar to previous years, cover topics ranging from oncologic imaging, cardiovascular imaging, interventional radiology, breast imaging, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging to PACS related topics.

More information is available on the official webpages.

Obituary: Jarle Rørvik (1954-2018)

We have received the very sad news that Prof. Jarle Rørvik passed away on March 1st, 2018.  He attended a congress in Vienna, Austria, when it happened and appeared in good shape and full vigor with his professional pursuits until the very last day.  We are shocked and extremely sorry about this tragic loss and send our condolences to his family and friends.

Jarle was a much loved colleague and mentor for many junior doctors and scientists.  He was a pioneer in new teaching methods in radiology and he was instrumental in contributing to the success of the interdisciplinary MedViz research consortium, where he was the Chairman of the Steering Board from 2010 until 2017. Jarle has been advocating the importance of bridging the gap between clinical and basic sciences. He has established/been an active member of several national and international collaborations and networks, including the Norwegian Radiological Society and the European Society of Urogenital Radiology.

Jarle’s passing is a tragic loss for all his friends and colleagues at the University of Bergen and at the Haukeland University Hospital.  He will be dearly missed.

To honor the memory of Jarle Rørvik, an open MedViz seminar will be arranged on
Friday April 27th at 12am, Dept of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, focusing on examples from his field of research.

— Written by Odd Helge Gilja on behalf of MedViz and the Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre team